Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Training

By | February 20, 2014

More and more people are now availing of online training courses offered in different websites in the Internet. In fact, some companies have also begun to utilize online training courses to equip their employees with additional skills and knowledge in order to improve the quality of service that they provide to their customers and clients as well as increase in product output. Although there is no doubt that online training has proven to be beneficial to many individuals and companies in all part of the world, there are also a number of disadvantages in using online training courses.

If you are considering of enrolling in an online training course, here are just some of the advantages and disadvantages online training has to help you decide whether or not online training is the best option for you.

Advantages of Online Training

Convenience is the number one advantage provided by online training courses. Instead of having to go to a completely separate training facility on certain days of the week, online training courses can now be done right in the comfort of your own home or in your office during your breaks. This leads to another advantage provided by online training which is its cost-effectiveness. Apart from paying the enrollment fee, people using online training courses do not have to worry about additional incidental charges such as transportation expenses and parking fees which, when summed up, can actually cost more than the actual enrollment fee for the training course itself.

Another advantage of online training is its ability to allow those who have enrolled to learn at their own pace. As such, those who are able to learn quickly would be able to get the certification for the training course a lot sooner and is able to apply these additional skills and knowledge right away.

Disadvantages of Online Training

One of the huge disadvantages of enrolling in online training courses is that there are instances where, depending on your Internet connection, you may have to spend quite a considerable amount of time waiting for the site to load and for the materials to be downloaded into your computer. On top of that, because most of the training courses are done through the use of video streaming, there is always the tendency for the video to keep stuttering and taking a while to load and play, making it extremely frustrating for people enrolled in online courses.

Another disadvantage of enrolling in online training courses is its inability to provide an environment where additional soft skills may be learned and honed. Conventional training facilities provide an environment where instructors may use role playing situational events and debates to help facilitate the analytical thinking of the students while allowing them to learn how to apply theoretical knowledge in real-life situations.