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By | July 16, 2013

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Challenging The Home Health Aide Exam –
Challenging the Home Health Aide Exam In a situation where an individual allows the CNA certification to expire, the CNA is able to challenge the training.

Images of Free HHA Practice Exam

– 1 – GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE. NURSING ASSISTANT/NURSE AIDE Knowledge Competency Examination PRACTICE TEST 2 Hours Directions: This test contains 50 questions.

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Congratulations! You Have Just Purchased The Best HOME HEALTH …
TITLE: HOME HEALTH AIDE TEST: Congratulations! You have just purchased the best HOME HEALTH AIDE TEST A woman should perform a breast self-exam each month at about what time? a. on the first day of menstruation c. at any time of the month b.

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NUse r aiDe/HoMe HealtH aiDe (na/HHa) CoMbineD prograM Togetherith w the Minnesota Department of Health and Exam Overview The NA/HHA Written Examination consists of seventy (70) multiple-choice questions written in English. Sample

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