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By | March 23, 2014

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School bus drivers want to safely transport their passengers. This is not intended to be training for new school bus drivers. modules, 2 hours each). These free downloadable training modules are designed to

OREWORD This manual describes the requirements for obtaining a North Carolina Commercial Driver License (CDL) with Passenger and School Bus endorsements, in addition to a School Bus Driver

school bus. According to the U.S. Department of Education, in 2006–2007, one-third of U.S. students ages 12 through free anti-bullying training materials for bus drivers, such as Module 1: See Something. Do Something: Intervening in

TRS-F005, Rev. A, 13-Dec-02 Dougherty County School System Transportation Department Bus Drivers Evaluation Form Name of Employee: Position:

The School Bus Driver Training Course • Well rested, so that you are free from fatigue. A school bus driver also has the following specific responsibilities: Your Driving Technique When you drive a bus load of children to school every day in all kinds of hazardous highway and

• We offer free training to get a class B, CDL with School Bus and Passenger endorsements. We have a list of bus contractors and phone numbers on our web site and there are usually a few openings in different places around the county.

VIRGINIA SCHOOL BUS DRIVER TRAINING: DOES TRAINING PROGRAM ADEQUACY AFFECT SCHOOL BUS ACCIDENT RATES? by James O. Crews period, be physically qualified, be free of convictions for drunk driving within the last 5 years, provide two character references,

WEST VIRGINIA SCHOOL BUS OPERATOR INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM At the completion of this training program, each school bus operator must exhibit a Must be free from communicable disease and meet all the established physical requirements. 3.

5 minute DVD, 1990, Valley Videos, Training Network. This motivational video is packed with material covering safe driving procedures, The PRO System for Accident-Free Backing & Parking/25:30 minute (This demonstrated with a school bus-but is effective) This systematic approach helps

SCHOOL BUS DRIVER TRAINING CLASSROOM CURRICULUM July 1, 2012 also add miles of trouble-free operation to the life of the school bus. conduct emergency evacuation drills with the students on your bus. SDE Catalog Videos 1017G,

These training videos. Click Here to Find Out More As August approaches, don't miss the free training resources for harassment prevention training, bloodborne pathogens, and school bus driver training. Most of these courses fulfill the Texas training requirements. Click Here to Find Out More

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